The New Year started with a shocking twist as Eskom, the country’s primary electricity provider, had to implement load shedding just 48 hours into the year due to high demand and low generation capacity. Eskom implemented Stages 2 and 3 of load shedding, which left many South Africans enraged.

By Staff Writer

The year 2024 is off to a rough start as the return of unpredictable and long-lasting blackouts made its comeback on Tuesday morning.

This is due to a combination of setbacks, such as the loss of generating units and a projected increase in power demand. The power utility had recently announced the continuation of load shedding suspension until next week Friday at 4 pm, but this latest development changes that plan.

Stage 2 load shedding started at 5:00 am and will continue until 4:00 pm on Tuesday. This will be followed by Stage 3 load shedding until 5:00 am on Wednesday.

An alert from the power utility read: “With the current intensified maintenance aimed at improving the fleet performance, we had a setback of three generating units (2 148MW) not coming back online as anticipated.

“This, coupled with a loss of six generating units (3 113MW) and a projected increase in electricity demand, requires Stage 2 loadshedding to be implemented from 05:00 on Tuesday until 16:00, followed by Stage 3 loadshedding until 05:00 on Wednesday. This pattern of Stage 2 loadshedding in the morning and Stage 3 loadshedding in the evening will be repeated daily until further notice.”

Mzansi Vents On Social Media

Mr G, ZAR Colonial Subject @SeanGoss666 on X: “The December month many thought Mbaks  was sincere. But mina, knowing both Eskom, and Mbaks knew they were bullshitting. A man who calls himself “Mr Fixit”, and then go on to destroy everything in sight , from railways to traffic lights , jobs and more can never be trusted. The silly bastard sold his soul for clothing name brands and social media clout!”

Ronald Mdluli on Facebook: “That’s how the ANC government delivers. Criminals are back from holidays now. This government doesn’t service its citizens with development. The more blackouts, the more crime happens.”

Animal Farm @cab_delivery on X: “It’s hardly 48hrs since we were told that Kusile’s grid has been successfully synced. But we are now been told about stage 3 load shedding. Someone is doing a great job in sabotaging the great work ANC is doing in dealing with Eskom problems. There is an enemy of progress here.”

Fana Mokoena @fanamokoena on X: “Fikile Mbalula said they wanted loadshedding gone by Dec 2023. Their Minister of Loadshedding Dr Ramokgopa confirmed to Mpofu Welsh that 24 Dec  2023 loadshedding will end. Today, 1st Jan 2024, Eskom”

Jennifer Clapham Rijkenberg on Facebook:   “Thanks, Eskom/ANC! Always so dependable.”

Lizzy @RootsAfri on X: “Pravin and Cyril don’t want loadshedding to end, they want to sell Eskom. CR17 funders are complaining.”

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