The Democratic Alliance must have dined on a buffet of foolishness and delusion if they think cobweb-covered Joe Biden is the answer to their prayers. Seeking guidance from a man who can barely remember his name or which way the sun is up, is simply pathetic. It’s as if they believe in fairy tales and unicorns. It’s a pitiful display of ignorance and arrogance, highlighting their utter detachment from reality. They might as well wish upon shooting stars and pixie dust for their political salvation. What a sad reflection of their inability to understand the real needs and desires of the South African majority.

By Themba Khumalo

The state of American democracy is more chaotic than a toddler’s birthday party without parental supervision. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, with each passing day revealing more cracks in the foundation.

It’s baffling, as is it laughable, for a political party that fashions itself as progressive to stoop so low as to seek aid from these frauds and imposters. It’s akin to a sinking ship desperately reaching for flimsy driftwood in a sea of deceit and incompetence. What a monumental mistake! What a farce!

How desperate must they be to seek aid from such snake oil salesmen? It’s a wonder they haven’t all drowned in their own folly by now.

The DA turning to these deranged and murderous charlatans for help is like a drowning man grabbing onto a slimy sewer rat for support. Their desperation for power is of the same kind as a starving vulture swooping down on roadkill, with no regard for how rotten the meat may be. It’s a pitiful sight, watching them grovel at the feet of crooks and villains, like beggars begging from corrupt and barbarous kings.

It is hard to believe that some people have forgotten about the aftermath of the 2020 presidential elections, where American democracy was called into question. The insurrection on Capitol Hill by supporters of Donald Trump shocked many, as they claimed the election was rigged in favour of Joe Biden. This event led to widespread mockery of the United States and its political processes.

This year, American voters find themselves in a predicament similar to being torn between a whirlwind of chaos and a tsunami of troubles. It’s as if the US electoral system is putting on a show that’s both perplexing and exasperating, leaving spectators wondering how it all went so wrong. Relying on the US as an example of fair elections feels as futile as seeking guidance from a lost soul amid a storm. The DA’s call for assistance from the US and its global counterparts resembles a fruitless endeavour, akin to expecting a stubborn mule to crack a complex maths equation – an endeavour destined for disappointment.

In what can only be described as a display of paranoid delusion, the DA has concocted a ludicrous theory that suggests Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, should be concerned about the South African ruling elite’s alleged willingness to sacrifice the country’s interests for their own political gain. It is clear even to a village imbecile that this is a fear-mongering tactic that is nothing more than a desperate attempt to garner attention and distract from real issues.

The DA’s fear-mongering and blatant exaggeration of the threat posed by the MK Party to even seek the assistance of a foreign country is a pathetic attempt to discredit the country’s readiness to deal with charlatans who seek to cause instability. Their alarmist language reeks of desperation and manipulation and a feeble attempt to instil fear and confusion among its traditional voters.

“The recent establishment of the MK Party, led by former President Jacob Zuma, is set to gain significant support in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, which may have concomitant implications at the national level. We are of the view that MK poses a substantive risk to the continued peaceful nature of our political discourse as a nation,” mourned the DA to Blinken.

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Independent Electoral Commission have both publicly cautioned the MK Party for making aggressive statements that could incite rebellion. This should signal to the DA that authorities are aware of potential risks to security and elections. Therefore, why did they decide to request help from the United States when the country is already on heightened alert?

These baseless accusations highlight the DA’s belief in their own moral superiority in politics and suggest that protecting our democracy depends on the leadership of conservative demagogues.

“It is our contention that as the ruling elite grow more desperate to retain electoral support ahead of the upcoming elections, they may be willing to put their narrow political interests ahead of our Country’s broader interests and sacred constitutional values. Here, we are witnessing an increasing willingness by the ANC to forge alliances with malign international actors, whose regimes are characterised by tyranny, terror and oppression.”

It is absolutely ludicrous to hear such hypocritical criticisms coming from a party that turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed in Gaza with the full support of the United States. Their selective outrage and blatant disregard for the rights of people of non-white descent reeks of insincerity and moral bankruptcy.

The racial divide in the Western Cape is a stark reminder of the systemic inequalities that this party not only ignores but actively perpetuates. Their self-righteousness is nothing more than a facade to hide their true intentions of maintaining power and privilege at the expense of marginalised communities.

The DA’s call for intense monitoring of elections by the US and like-minded allies shows a concerning lack of faith in South Africa’s own democratic institutions. This appeal also highlights the party’s selective engagement with foreign policy issues, choosing to align itself closely with the West while ignoring critical democratic challenges within those same countries. This approach risks undermining the credibility and integrity of South Africa’s electoral process.

It is truly astounding how the Democratic Alliance continues to turn a blind eye to the authoritarian threats looming in the West. Their ignorance of the pro-genocidal policies being implemented in established Western democracies is both shameful and reckless.

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that – DA’s allies – Western pseudo-democracies should consider learning from South Africa’s example of genuine democratic principles before providing further counsel to other nations.

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