Gloves are off! Ford has declared war on its competitors and it looks pretty. The motoring market is drastically changing, driven by fussy consumer demands. Competition is fierce and looking prettier by the day.

Car manufacturers spend sleepless nights in the boardrooms, the aim being to bring about new things and customer-attracting innovation.
Most products that couldn’t be launched for the past two years, will be launched this year. This leaves the starving motoring market spoiled for choice.

A whole lot of products will be launched between the second and the third quarter of this year.

One of these exciting products is the new Ford Ranger. The sedan market is dwindling in favour of the SUV and the Ute market. Manufacturers have also toed the customers’ line and improved these products.

With so much heat in the boardroom, staunch enemies are now becoming friends. The Ford Ranger is one such by-product. It is a collaboration between the two giants – Ford and VW.

Technologically, the Amarok has no equal in the bakkie market, followed by Ranger with both looks and tech. Imagine the combination of the two!

The 2022 Ford Ranger is both German and American engineering combined. We have been teased and tortured for several months with bits and pieces of information and finally the blokes from Dearborn are playing open books with us. The final product is mind-blowing. This is the one that will force you to swap your pretty face sedan for a bakkie in a blink of an eye.

This product is a result of feedback from all Ranger users across the globe. Ford has tried so hard to correct all issues that Ranger drivers had with a previous generation and also improved on what customers like most.

Here are some of the highlights
The square C-shaped lights have been introduced as in the big brother, the F150. There has been hunger for these lights in the market, and they look stunning. The car looks wider and I was informed it is 50mm wider. It can now load a pallet with ease. The shape is a bit boxy but nice-looking.

Inside, you get a 12-inch screen that reminds you of the Dodge Ram. This is powered by Ford sync 4 connectivity that allows remote locking and opening, including vehicle status-check from your smartphone.
The Ranger is now more SUV-like inside, with premium and soft materials used. You are also treated to a 360-degree camera to negotiate all kinds of terrain and 360-degree lighting. The cockpit is fully digital.

The Ranger is one of the most spacious bakkies in the market and is even roomier. Behind, you see a Ranger logo engraved on the tailgate.
Under the hood you get one of these renderings: the 2.0BiTurbo and the 2.0Single turbo. For those who hate oil burners the 2.3 Eco-boost will be offered. The Ranger range-topper will be a 3LV6 oil burner. Ford claims this has nothing to do with the Amarok 3LV6 though they will be assembled together at the same plant. Sources say it will be an updated unit from the F150.

The brilliant 10-speed gearbox known in the current Rangers has been improved by a new 10R80 10-speed gearboxes. The wheels have been moved slightly forward for better approach angle. The load bin is now 50mm longer and 50mm wider.
You are spoiled to two choices of 4×4. There is also a 6-speed manual transmission.
The good news is that it will be built here in South Africa and Thailand, which will make the pricing attractive.

Launch dates and full specs will be announced soon by Ford SA. Ford says this product is customer feedback-orientated.
We will keep you updated as soon as we lay our hands on the test models.

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