By Dumi Xaba

As we all know, a little over a year ago, we paid almost half of what we currently shell out for fuel.
A number of car manufacturers are coming to the table to help us save money by dumping petrol-guzzlers in favour of four-cylinder economical engines.
Do you remember the baby Hyundai Tucson, which came in the form of the Hyundai Creta that was launched a few years ago?
Well, Hyundai has given the baby a facelift with the launch of the Grand Creta. I was among a few lucky ones to sample this new beauty that was launched not so long ago.
A fleeting glance of the front gives you the impression that you are looking at a minimised Hyundai Palisade that boasts the daytime running lights.
The Grand Creta bears strong resemblance to its big brother the Palisade. For its minimised size, it is hard to believe the Grand Creta is a seven-seater.
Engineers have cleverly played with the space on a small platform – almost like in the Mercedes B Class.
The latest offering is good-looking. The wide grille and chrome lips make this baby Palisade a stunner. The squares stick out almost in a 3D format. The black and silver rims are impressive. They enhance the car’s appearance. It may appear to be the same size as the Creta’s earlier version. But the Grand has been stretched by 200mm to accommodate the third row of seats.
As a creature of habit, I went around the car a few times, looking for something that might be out of place. I tried as hard as I could and couldn’t find anything to falter this product.
The rear is as beautiful as the front is engraved with the chrome Creta logo. And more chrome is found on the diffuser. The name Grand is engraved on the left rear to ensure you know which model it is.
Stepping inside, I was greeted by a well-put-together interior. I was mesmerised by the eye-catching electronic cockpit and a generously sized and user-friendly infotainment screen. White leather dominates the car’s interior.

On offer
The car boasts a four-cylinder engine which, at high speed, will not take you where you heading. I am not suggesting that this is a lazy mule. It is clearly not made for speedsters. It is a comfortable family car that is not too noisy and will give you decent freeway power at low revs. This reliable horse will comfortably take you around urban roads and those long trips stress-free.
The steering wheel is not too soft and over-responsive. It is just right for the engine and the gearbox.
It has all the necessary safety features, including six airbags and side airbags to keep your family safe in the event of a collusion.
The model I tested was an executive, so it also came with keyless entry, wireless smartphone charging, park-assist and rear view camera and climate control all the way to the third row seats.
It also has a hill-hold assist, which comes handy on those tricky inclines; especially if you are in a gridlock.

Models Specs
● The 2.0 Petrol Executive manual will cost you from R449 000
● The 2.0 petrol Executive petrol is from R489 000
● The 1.5 Executive diesel automatic is from R510 000.
● The 20 Elite automatic price range is from R539 000.
● The 1.5 Elite diesel automatic is from R559 900

My pick of the bunch will be the 1.5 Executive automatic.
All of this comes standard with a seven-year 200,000km peace of mind warranty or whichever comes first.
You get 60,000km or a four-year service plan and a seven-year or 150,000km roadside assistance, which is quite substantive, if you are an average driver.

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