Teboho Mahlatsi was a highly regarded figure in the South African entertainment industry, known for his exceptional talent as a television producer, writer, and director. He left an indelible mark on the industry with his captivating storytelling abilities and innovative vision. His body of work is truly remarkable and has garnered widespread acclaim. He had a reputation in the industry for being highly innovative, trustworthy, and skilled at exploring complex subjects.

By Staff Reporter

In a heart-wrenching twist of fate, the entertainment industry and South Africa have been dealt a crushing blow as Teboho Mahlatsi, the brilliant mind behind the iconic ’90s masterpiece Yizo Yizo, has sadly bid farewell to this world at the youthful age of 49.

On Monday afternoon, the heartbroken comedian David Kau shared the devastating news of Mahlatsi’s untimely passing.

The passing of Mahlatsi has sent shockwaves through the industry and the nation. With his unparalleled ability to weave captivating tales, he was a true maestro in shaping the tapestry of South African television. His groundbreaking contribution to Yizo Yizo not only mesmerised audiences but also fearlessly exposed the raw truths and struggles of the youth in post-apartheid South Africa.

The groundbreaking drama series, which aired from 1999 to 2004, tackled sensitive topics such as crime, drugs, and the challenges of the education system.

Mahlatsi had teamed up with the talented minds of Peter Esterhuysen, Harriet Perlman, Mtutuzeli Matshoba, and Angus Gibson to bring the captivating world of  Yizo Yizo to life. Together, they crafted a masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences; currently streaming on Netflix.

In a dazzling display of talent and creativity, Yizo Yizo triumphed at the prestigious Avanti awards in 1999, taking home the coveted titles of Best Director, Best Drama Series, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. It was a moment of pure magic and recognition for the incredible work that went into bringing this captivating series to life.

In addition to his acclaimed work on Yizo Yizo, Mahlatsi also made a significant impact with his other notable projects. One of his standout achievements is the award-winning short film Portrait of a Young Man Drowning, which received the prestigious Silver Lion award at the 1999 Venice Film Festival. Furthermore, he made valuable contributions to projects like For Love and Broken Bones, Isibaya, and Sekali le Meokgo (Meokgo and the Stickfighter).

Some of his other notable works include Meet South Africa. Meet Bheki – The Mbhaco Maker (2017), Shuga (2009–2012), A-Z – A Commentary on Post-Apartheid South Africa (2001), Ungshaya Ding Dong (2000), and White City Black Lives (1997).

Mahlatsi held the position of co-director at Bomb Productions, where he played a crucial role in the success of the widely acclaimed Mzansi Magic drama series Shaka iLembe. Notably, he was recognised for his outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, receiving the prestigious Tribute entertainment achiever of the Year award from President Thabo Mbeki.

Additionally, his groundbreaking work in the audiovisual and creative field was honoured at the esteemed USIBA Awards in 2018, hosted by Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

Mahlatsi, who was undoubtedly one of South Africa’s highly regarded filmmakers, made substantial contributions to the film and television industry. After completing the Africa Cultural Centre Film Television Course, he dedicated five years to working as a screenwriter. He has an impressive portfolio of works, which he not only wrote but also produced and directed. One notable example is the documentary Ghetto Diaries, which was aired on SABC TV.

Mahlatsi, born in Kroonstad in the Free State in 1974, pursued studies in Third World cinema at the African Culture Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg. Growing up during a time of significant social and political change in South Africa, he developed a profound fascination with storytelling and filmmaking. This passion for the craft propelled him towards a career in the entertainment industry, where he made notable contributions.

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