The ANC, feeling the rhythm of uncertainty, is grooving to the beat of desperation as MK struts onto the political stage with style. The courts are now the jazz club where the ANC hopes to silence this upstart party before it steals the show on May 29. But can they sway the judges with their smooth moves or will MK’s new-age sound captivate the voters’ hearts?

By Themba Khumalo

The ANC’s heart is heavy with worry, as the bluesy tune of uncertainty plays in their ears. The rhythm of desperation echoes through the halls of power, as they try to silence the new contender who has stolen the spotlight.

The courts become their last hope, a discordant note in a symphony of democracy. But the voters’ song cannot be drowned out, for the music of change is relentless and unyielding.

Oh, honey baby, the ANC is like a jazz band hitting all the wrong notes lately. With only two months left before the big show, they are singing the blues in voter surveys, scrounging for cash to keep their instruments in tune.

The rhythm is off with water shortages, power outages, and state-owned entities going down like a bad sax solo. And don’t even get me started on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s so-called “anti-corruption” campaign – it’s like a jazzy tune with all the wrong players on stage.

Well, blow me down and call me Duke Ellington! Could the MK be dancing its way to the top with those numbers? A voter survey here, a voter survey there, who can keep up with all these percentages flying around like jazz notes in a smoky club? Brenthurst says one thing, eNCA says another – it’s like a jazz improvisation session with these political polls! ANC may be holding steady, but MK is shaking things up like a trumpet solo in the middle of a ballad.

The ANC is in a tizzy, wigglin’ and jivin’ around like a jitterbug on a hot skillet. They’re pleading with the Electoral Court to give ’em some sweet justice, declaring MK’s registration all kinds of unlawful and unconstitutional. But hold onto your fedoras folks, ’cause the court done gone and reserved judgment on the matter! Can you dig it? The ANC’s claim is as thin as a reed in a breeze, sayin’ MK is snatchin’ up their legacy like a hungry cat on a mouse. They’re even tryin’ to split hairs over whether MK’s registration was on the up and up. Oh mercy me, it’s getting wild out here in the politico-jazz scene!

Well, slap my knee and call me a scat singer, we got ourselves a real circus in town! ANC dilly-dallied like a cat on a hot tin roof, but once Zuma threw his hat in the ring, suddenly they’re moving faster than a horn section at Mardi Gras New Orleans. Mpofu saw through that jive like he was reading sheet music – ain’t no fooling that sharp cat! It’s all about that political hustle, baby – ain’t nothing but a funky game of chess with these slick operators.

Well now, ain’t that a real toe-tapper of a situation we got ourselves into here!

  1. The ANC is like a group of tone deaf singers playing to an empty hall hoping for the crowds to join in. It’s like singing Die Stem very badly too, to a group of pan Africans. They’ve lost the tune, rhythm and tempo of the African majority. This is one vote they’ll have to rig if they’re to win. Water, electricity and SOEs… they might as well take the wheels off the trains to gain extra cash from the smelters. Meanwhile, every single ANC parliamentarian is a millionaire led by a fat nose 👃🏾, sorry, fat cat billionaire president in absentia. If ever there was a captured state in Africa, is South Africa 🇿🇦.

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