Joseph Dumisane died after being trapped under a minibus taxi that was overturned by an explosion. The authorities in the city have not yet identified the specific reason for the explosion, but they have mentioned that it was due to a gas leak, without offering any additional information.

By Gugu Masilela and Mbali Mthembu

The loved ones of Joseph Dumisane, a 34-year-old migrant from Malawi, are filled with grief and unable to find comfort after he tragically lost his life in the recent explosion on Lilian Ngoyi Street in Johannesburg. The explosion caused severe damage and injured 48 people.

Dumisane lost his life when he was trapped beneath a minibus taxi that had been toppled by the explosion. Until now, authorities in the city have not yet determined the exact cause of the explosion. They have only stated that it was caused by a gas leak, without providing any further details.

In a heartbreaking story shared with The Telegram, Zikiel Paul, a grieving family member, described Dumisane as a hardworking individual who dedicatedly supported his loved ones back in their hometown of Chikwawa, Malawi. Paul expressed deep sadness over the loss of Dumisane, whom he described as a kind-hearted person always willing to help others, and emphasized the immense pain it has caused the family.

Paul said the greatest pain lies with Dumisane’s family in Malawi, as they are currently enduring a challenging period while attempting to cope with his passing.

“His family back home keeps calling and doesn’t believe when we tell them he is no longer with us. They worried about how and where their son would be buried because there is not enough money to transport the body back home. As family, friends and the community here in South Africa, we are trying to raise money but the costs to take the body to Malawi are awfully expensive,” said Paul.

He mentioned that the family has transferred Dumisane’s remains from the Hillbrow government mortuary to their own, as they are currently unable to afford the expenses of repatriating the body to Malawi. The family desires to lay their son to rest in Chikwawa.

Paul said neither the South African nor Malawian government has reached out to them to assist with the funeral preparations for Dumisane.

“Right now, we have not heard from anyone and we would greatly appreciate assistance as we do not have enough money to transport the body to Malawi or even make any burial arrangements. We wish that any government could help,” Paul said.

As they painfully proceed with the funeral arrangements, Dumisane’s untimely death weighs heavily on everyone’s hearts, he said.

“We are all still in shock. It is hard to believe that he is no more. Although we have seen his body at the morgue, it is simply hard to come to terms with the fact that we will never see him again,” a teary Paul said.

Dumisane operated a shoe vending business at the intersection of Loveday and Lilian Ngoyi Streets and was highly regarded by the local community.

“He was a genuine person; you can ask anyone in our community. Everyone loved him, and he had love and care for everyone. He was just working hard to put food on the table and to make a living for himself and his family,” said Paul.

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