By Themba Khumalo

To every loving parent, there is no image so stunning as a smiling, bright-eyed, and high-spirited child. There is no music so enchanting and sweet as the clear and ringing laughter of a child.
Goodness gracious me, there is no greater joy than that of being a parent. It has its highs that consist of baby cuddles, belly laughs and memories you know you will treasure for eternity. There are also lows, those instances when you say to yourself: “I have no freaking clue or sense of what I am doing.”
There are parents who would tell you about the wholesome joy of simply observing the products of loins being kids and re-living all those first moments when they discovered ways to do things on their own; without any assistance. Mothers and fathers know the joy of being responsible to help shape a young mind and allowing it to blossom is nothing short of miraculous.
Nothing is as spellbinding and bewildering as seeing them smile, and giggle; and the uplifting pride in new accomplishments.

That is true parental joie de vivre…
There are times you do the best you can by going out of your way to hide from your children that you are just winging it. You do that because you know your kids are always looking up to you for wisdom.
Being a parent is knowing pure joy, even if you experience the gruelling hardships of life. As a father, I have gained knowledge of rising to any occasion and have often found myself elevated to new heights while extending myself beyond any and all limitations I once imposed upon myself. With hardly ever a dull moment, I have gone through more adventures parenting my children than ever conceivable.
Fatherhood has always given me a good excuse of staying forever young, kicking off my average-sized shoes and letting down whatever is left of my hair while enjoying the love of my children, beyond measure. Being a parent is my life, my bliss, my obsession, and my highest accomplishment.
For a commonly recognised combination of emotions, the complication of parenthood is exceptionally difficult to put into words. What I can declare is, it is an amalgamation of love, fear, hope, and endeavouring to do the best you can best without any idea if what you are doing will lead to satisfying results.

The worst fear that has us screaming at the top of our voices and running around in never-ending circles is that we live in a country that is peopled by monsters who abuse, kill and mutilate children daily. Ours is a country loaded with demonic warlords who derive pleasure from maiming children. Parents are crippled by the terror wrought on children.
These prehistoric bloodthirsty demons are aided and abetted by a failing state that has no qualms about keeping our towns and cities in the dark.
I repeat, the psychopaths who have declared war on our children are aided by an inept government which has declared its own war on the nation by plunging people into poverty and inequality. Their public verbal masturbation has done nothing to save young people who are drowning in all kinds of drugs.
Unemployed and unemployable citizens live in hunger…youngsters are narcotised and at risk of being used as pawns by evil and twisted scumbags.

Children are subjected to violence of unmatched levels as if they live in a war zone. The rape, murder and mutilation of children are written about constantly. Each piece that is written creates a national rage. However, the rage has no effect because the scourge gets worse with each passing day.
When the culprits get apprehended, they miraculously get bail which enables them to go on an intense rape and killing spree.

What makes my blood boil is the languid reaction from what passes for police and judicial authorities. I am sick to the core of my soul with incoherent ministers flooding our television screens with crocodile tears. These dimwits who reside in a parallel universe go around spewing pie crumbs promises for media attention. I find it very nauseating. As for the NPA, the less said the better. That thing is a toothless political tool.

Sometimes I wonder if the NPA is aware that our country is awash with murderous lunatics who are overwhelmed by regular bouts of uncontrollable emotional outbursts, that always drives them to retaliate, destroy and demolish by killing. This republic is overflowing with these lunatics; bloodcurdling murderers who roam freely without any respect for life. I’m talking about the cold, shameless lunatic, who may never have appeared as mad as a hatter up until the day he raped and hacked a child to death; sold the body parts or buried them in a place where the devil only knows.

As we navigate through the stormy sea called life, chances are, no less than three children would have had theirs sadistically cut short and close to twenty will be fighting to breathe one more day as they recuperate from grievous bodily harm caused by an evil slimeball that passes for an adult human being.
As a country, we are in a race against time to protect the lives and well-being of our children while the authorities engage in stomach-churning verbal gymnastics. The tragedy is magnified when the home, a space where children should be safe, has also become insecure.
In South Africa, we are at war with ourselves. It breaks my fragile heart that the political wolves who call themselves leaders are racing to get to the meat to even notice. Let us not put even an iota of trust in politicians because if we do, by the time we come to, we will have caused so much damage. The ineptitude of those tasked with governing the country is butchering any potential that South Africa ever had.

The daily butchering of children is fast driving us to a point where the country will be so torn that there will be nothing left to salvage from all the fractured souls. So, where to from here? I can write about all the macabre incidents, and even cite reports but that does not bring a solution.
The logical step is to kick the heartless warlords who call themselves leaders of society. I beseech you to X them out of the corridors of power in 2024. You may be surprised that by voting wisely we might find ourselves on the right path to bringing joy back to the lives of South Africa’s children.

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