By Mbangwa Xaba

Every war is inhumane, disgraceful and deplorable.

Wars wreck societies and families. They mess up the social and economic framework and progress of nations.

The after-effects of war carry long-term physical, mental and emotional damage to adults and children, as well as the decline in material and human capital.

Individuals who hastily support war, normally pay lip service to its horrors, nevertheless they support fighting all the same.

Their meek justifications often abide by the predictable forms based on bygone errors, illogical speculations, influences of patriotic emotions and thoughtless loyalty, rather than on factual and logical arguments.

Say what you may, but the adverse effects of war far outweighs any positive effects it might have.

War destroys civilisations, cities and countries, results in mass killings of men, women and children in the same way. In fact, the catastrophic effect it has on a nation’s socio-economic structures can last for a long time.

People can and must live without war. We can do without the human suffering in the Russia and Ukraine war, without forgetting the deceit accompanying it.

Europe is notorious for its predisposition to settle every difference of opinion through war. There was the Hundred Years’ War – recurrent fights between France and England in the 14th and 15th century over a spate of disagreements, including the issue of the lawful succession to the French crown.

That war gripped numerous generations of English and French pretenders to the crown and lasted for a period of just over a century.

Centuries of greed by Europe encouraged colonialism which resulted in the slaughter of millions of Africans. Last century alone, Europe caused untold devastation with two world wars, without producing lasting peace.

After years of the Cold War, with a possible obliteration of the earth, using toxic thermal nuclear weapons, these nations are at it again.

Judging by Russia’s pitilessness in Ukraine and the obstinate NATO nations’ response, Europe is once again threatening humanity’s end.

This collective murderous behaviour by Europe is not found anywhere else. Europe holds the horrible record of resorting to the destruction of life when it wants what it wants. If anything, it is a product of ego, greed and raging testosterone.

Mankind has no innate propensity to kill its own kind. It is man’s insatiability and limitless desires to amass gratuitous quantities of wealth and power.

The gigantic appetite for dominance, often accompanied by arrogance, like in the current war, makes politicians believe they are superior beings. This conviction, leads them to have an exaggerated sense of wisdom – to a point where they kill and manufacture whichever truth of their picking.

Within five days of Russia’s attack in Ukraine, the NATO nations, who appointed themselves as world law enforcers, jumped head first with retributive sanctions against the Russians. No attempt whatsoever at finding a solution through talks.

Not even when the two warring nations began a process of negotiations. Not once did they attempt to amplify this obvious and ultimate conflict resolution mechanism.

Instead, in their reckless judgement, they thought it prudent to bark instructions to those they perceive lesser mortals with an expressed intent to arbitrarily punish noncompliance swiftly. To hell with consequences.

In this haste, they made three fundamental errors.

Firstly, Russia, unlike other nations where economic sanctions were a success, is able to withstand them with ease – it is a superpower after all. In fact, most European nations depended on it for gas and oil.

Secondly, quick action by the west has brought serious moral questions. For example, the people of Palestine have endured decades of unrelenting maiming by the racist state of Israel without any of these nations lifting a finger.

They are now faced with a problem of selective morality.

It begs a question, is Palestine a nation of a lesser God whose pain does not deserve the love shown to the Ukrainians?

Thirdly, almost as if in desperation, they removed a Russian news channel, Russia Today or RT from their own country’s bouquet of TV news channels.

Even those who sympathise with their sanctions, are now asking why these politicians are punishing their own citizens?

By including RT in the sanctions, they have effectively limited access to multiple news media sources for their own people, shooting themselves in the foot.

In essence, the world’s champions of democracy have branded themselves as its enemy and worse still, enemies of the truth.

They brought the proverbial “truth being the first casualty of war” to life. These politicians are subjecting citizens to a one-sided story, something they can ill afford.

The principal offending government being the American administration. This regime has cultivated some reputation for scant regard for the truth. Washington duped the world, luring its European allies, the United Kingdom in particular, into a fight against “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.

After this was proven a lie, with an egg on the face, former prime minister Tony Blair, with crocodile tears to boot, apologised to the world.

But because the Americans are convinced that the entire globe is a habitat for gullible imbeciles, it later attacked several countries in Africa and the Middle-East with a claim to be waging “war on terror”.
Today, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan, to name some, are in ruins.

These shenanigans shouldn’t be happening in the current war between Russia and Ukraine. Citizens of the West, just like the rest of the world, have a right to all sides of what is happening. Just as well that the other side of the story should be told by RT, which is said to be pro-Russian government.

Having said that, you cannot over emphasise the importance of a impartial media.

Ordinarily, news media should be above vindictive political fights.

Left to with the dissemination of news, politicians are sure to distort the truth. They have proven over and over that they cannot be trusted with the truth. There is an unquestionable certainty that they ditch it at the drop of a hat in pursuit of dominance.

Even at this late hour, the NATO nations can rethink their approach. It is never too late to find peace. As the world seeks peaceful solutions, more urgently, the EU decision on RT must be condemned.

Undermining of the truth by such powerful nations is a serious global tragedy. At stake here are efforts of ensuring the fragile freedom of the press, accountability and transparency in the world over.

We simply can’t keep quiet. Otherwise, they will continue to drag all of humanity into senseless wars.

For humanity’s sake, let peace prevail and for sanity, the lies must end immediately.

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