By Themba Khumalo.

Behold Cyril, the grand wizard of obliviousness, who remains serenely ignorant of the harsh realities that plague our nation.

When Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa emerged triumphant from the contentious ANC conference in 2017, we were implored to burst forth in exultant cheers and sway with uncontrollable elation.

With wholehearted enthusiasm, a battalion of courtiers proclaimed to the masses that a gust of transformation was about to blow through South Africa, carrying with it a revitalised spirit of optimism and possibility.

Fueled by red-hot fervour, dutiful supporters of Ramaphosa spoke of the dawn of a fresh epoch, one that they assured us would usher in a brighter future for the marginalised communities of this breathtakingly beautiful land.

Amidst a frenzy of excitement, the ANC’s cohorts and a motley crew of non-affiliated baton twirlers peddled a heap of nonsense to the nation, proclaiming that South Africa was on the cusp of a new era of prosperity and justice.

Ramaphosa himself gushed forth about the arrival of a brand new dawn when he assumed the mantle of the presidency of the republic. He even implored us to entrust him with our support and send him forth on this journey towards progress.

▪Send him to undo the decay within the corridors of power.

▪Send him to combat crime.

▪Send him on a valiant quest to vanquish the malevolent beast known as poverty.

▪Send him to incarcerate those who ravage and loot the precious assets of our state.

▪Send him to establish a state that operates like a well-oiled machine.

▪Send him on a mission to pave the way for enhanced healthcare and education accessibility.

We were promised a new era of fearlessness, where a compassionate and resolute buffalo would lead the way – none other than Cyril Ramaphosa. He was touted as the genuine article, a cut above the controversial Jacob Zuma.

Welcome him with open arms, they pleaded, for he is a fastidious soul; a master of his craft, showcasing a commitment to perfection, a laser-like focus on quality, and above all, a readiness to take responsibility and be transparent.

Did they hit the nail on the head?

Absolutely not, they missed the mark by a mile.

Oh, how mistaken they were!

Ramaphosa appears to possess the same level of ignorance and dishonesty as Jacob Zuma, if not surpassing it. And when faced with a predicament, his cluelessness reaches new heights. The list of matters he has already demonstrated a lack of awareness for is truly astounding.

Despite his grand promises during the 2018 State of the Nation Address, Ramaphosa has fallen short in bringing about the much-anticipated dawn of a new era for South Africa. His inability to deliver on his commitments has left many feeling disillusioned and disheartened. He has proven to be quite eloquent in the use of, “I was not aware…” when confronted with evidence of his weak leadership and that of his party.

He was not aware and is still not aware…

As the former second-in-command of the nation, he remained oblivious to the state of affairs at Eskom, despite being at the helm of government business.

Blissfully ignorant, he remains oblivious to the rampant thievery and corruption plaguing Eskom.

At one point he told a lie because he was not aware of the minuscule Bosasa issue, worth a mere half a million rands.

What about his complete unawareness of the security cluster’s inaction during the riots in July 2021

His obliviousness has been a constant, as he fails to recognise that state-owned entities are teetering on the brink of collapse.

Furthermore, he likely remains oblivious to the fact that his handling of the Phala Phala debacle has cast a shadow of dishonesty and duplicity over his reputation.

While the ‘unaware’ defence technique may seem like a reasonably quick fix to avoid transparency, it ultimately falls short. Repeated use of this tactic begs the question: why is he so out of touch with crucial matters? Is it not best for him to steer clear of this approach and face the music head-on?

The answer to these questions is consistently negative, suggesting that the reason behind it could be laziness, incompetence, or lack of knowledge. Another possibility is that the people surrounding, guiding, and advising Ramaphosa are utterly foolish and devoid of any semblance of intelligence or wit.

Ramaphosa would have stopped displaying ignorance towards various issues that impact South Africa if his advisors were blessed with some semblance of intelligence.

His tenure as Deputy President, spanning from 2012 until the conclusion of 2017, appears to also have been premised on the notion that he was ignorant of everything. Despite being situated at the core of Jacob Zuma’s administration, he sat there naively, completely oblivious to the fact that the entire structure was fundamentally corrupt.

It is unfortunate that Ramaphosa was so easily influenced, as it seems that everyone in South Africa was aware of the issue except for him.

The increasing challenge of acknowledging Ramaphosa’s apparent deficiency in comprehending critical national issues is becoming more apparent. It is unclear whether he is unsuitable for his position or if his team is incompetent. Nonetheless, his continuous lack of awareness regarding significant matters has turned his dream into a nightmare…and our aspirations have also turned into nightmares.

His alleged exceptional skills have been overshadowed by his tendency to delay, be indecisive, deny responsibility, and not be accountable, causing significant harm to both the ANC and South Africa.

Under Ramaphosa’s leadership, the ANC is facing ever-increasing challenges in convincing the public of its ability to promote a united South Africa and address longstanding economic disparities, as it continues to rely on ineffective strategies.

The party’s pledges have gone unfulfilled and its involvement in corrupt dealings has resulted in the failure of the state. To make matters worse, the party is incapable of addressing the real challenges that South Africa is grappling with. It is crystal clear that the party leaders place their own agenda above the well-being of the citizens.

After casting his ballot in 2019, Ramaphosa expressed remorse for past mistakes, stating that “we acknowledge our errors and apologise for them. We urge our people to restore their trust in us.”

He also emphasised that the election marked a new era of progress, stating that it was “ushering in a new dawn, a time of rejuvenation and optimism.”

Although apologies and promises have been made, gatvol voters are still not convinced. They are fully aware of the urgent problems of youth unemployment, racial inequality, and government corruption, which have been overlooked or barely addressed.

Ramaphosa has shown a lack of consistency and stability in all aspects except for his physical appearance. He has been very flexible and easily influenced, changing his stance in different situations. It is difficult to remember any promises he has kept since he ascended to the highest office.

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