Residents of Diepsloot have conveyed their determination to escalate their protests. The community is once again venting its frustration with the inadequate presence of police in the area. It has been reported that a number of people lost their lives in the area over the past weekend. In an effort to draw attention to their concerns, protesters set fire to vacant structures on Monday night, claiming that these spaces are being utilised as hideouts for criminals. Their demands include a call for the police to fulfil their duties and a request for President Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in this crisis.

By Staff Reporter

Disgruntled residents of Diepsloot are expressing their frustration with the absence of police presence. In response to escalating crime rates, they organised a protest on Monday night to voice their concerns. They maintain that the police have neglected their duty, allowing criminals to gain control of the area.

Despite his visit to Diepsloot in April, Police Minister Bheki Cele has been unable to provide lasting solutions to the rampant crime in the area.

This is the sentiment expressed by frustrated residents who staged the protest. They are also calling for President Cyril Ramaphosa to address the urgent issue of crime in the area. They expressed their dissatisfaction and urged the president to acknowledge their situation and respond accordingly.

A year ago, the media extensively covered the mob murder of Elvis Nyathi, a Zimbabwean man. In response, Bheki Cele visited Diepsloot and pledged to send 120 officers, including members of the tactical response team (TRT) and the Public Order Police (POP), along with 16 extra vehicles. However, according to residents, this promise did not yield any positive results. Crime in the area has either remained equally bad or worsened since then. The residents claim that after a year, there has been no noticeable change.

In a fiery display of dissent, tyre infernos blazed, and roads transformed into fortresses as protesters took a stand, locking down sections 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8 of the township.

They also expressed their intention to disrupt the functioning of Diepsloot and the N14 road until the president personally visits the area: “We will shut down Diepsloot and the N14 until the president comes here.”

One of the residents, Loyiso Doyiya, told News24 that once Ramaphosa has finished addressing the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, he should then focus on resolving the problems within South Africa: “When he is done resolving the issues of Ukraine and Russia, he must come and resolve his issues in South Africa.”

The frustrated and angry protestors also set fire to shacks they believed were occupied by the individuals responsible for causing fear and distress in the community.

“What you are seeing here is the anger of the community. Last week, the community decided to eradicate crime on their own. They went house to house, demolishing shacks that were alleged to be harbouring criminals,” one resident told eNCA.

A leading member of the community said although resorting to violence was not an ideal solution, it is perceived as the sole means through which the government can be compelled to listen to their concerns.

The prevailing view held by community members is that the visits made by government officials did not yield any advantages for the local population. The residents have criticised the officials for their perceived hypocrisy, asserting that the presence of bodyguards provided them with a sense of security while the residents themselves remained vulnerable to criminal activities.

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