Dr Brett Lyndall Singh is facilitating the convergence of individuals from various backgrounds, disparate spheres of life, and industries, to foster collaboration among young people in the exchange of ideas. This initiative seeks to advance industrialization, cooperation, innovation, entrepreneurship, and engagement with the Chinese youth.

By Tshawe lama Tshawe

As the BRICS leaders’ summit approaches next month in Sandton, South African businessman Dr Brett Lyndall Singh has been actively promoting investment and enhancing trade ties between China and South Africa.

The Chinese-trained Singh, the first medical doctor to reach the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2022 in the Forbes Africa Magazine, is the CEO of AOM Group, whose commercial ventures have contributed more than R150 million to the South African economy.

During the peak of the Covid 19 outbreak, Singh’s company Alpha and Omega MedTech played a significant role in supporting the SA Medical Research Council’s nationwide diagnostics efforts.

As the chairperson of the Global Value Chains Group of the National Healthcare Products Masterplan, Singh’s primary responsibility is to support and promote the expansion and investment in the R600 billion industry. This effort aligns with the National Development Plan and the Department of Small Business Development’s master plan, which aims to generate one million jobs through the small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMME) sector by 2030.

Reflecting on his experience in China, Singh said he returned to Beijing on 14 June “to join 15 other young global leaders from 14 countries – to embark on the six-day Future Close-Up tour, as part of the THINC Fellowship to explore China’s thriving tech industry”.

He said the tour was a collaborative effort between the China International Communications Group and Tencent. Its purpose was to offer participants a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the rapidly expanding Chinese tech industry, which is currently one of the most dynamic and thriving sectors globally.

“During my tour, I had the opportunity to visit cities such as Shenzhen and Beijing – touring major tech companies like Tencent.

“It was fascinating to see digital tech-empowered services, like ride-hailing and shared biking in action – as well as take part in philanthropy using China’s most popular digital app, WeChat.

“On the first day in China, I attended a welcoming reception and ceremony at the Tencent Binhai Headquarters.

“I engaged in discussions about China’s recent trends in the digital economy with the Tencent experts, which was incredibly insightful,” said Singh.

In a conversation with The Telegram from Beijing, he shared his objective of promoting investment and enhancing trade relations between the two countries.

“I am helping to bring together people from diverse backgrounds, different walks of life and industries so that youth can collaborate in exchanging ideas – promoting industrialisation, cooperation, innovation, entrepreneurship and work with the Chinese youth.

“China is one of the world’s largest buying markets and I am currently working with the SA ambassador to China, Mr Siyabonga Cwele, to promote the South African goods into the Chinese market – promoting bilateral cooperation, trade and investment,” he explained.

On the second day of his tour, he had the opportunity to visit the HONOR Company, a renowned global provider of smart devices, as well as the Ping An Group’s sector.

“Here, I learned about the construction of the smart city ecosystem, which was an eye-opening experience.

“On the fourth day of the tour, I visited the Communication University of China and attended a workshop on the development and application of digital media technology in China.

“This workshop provided valuable insights into the advancements in digital media technology in China.”

During the fifth day of the tour, he said he had the privilege of visiting the Tencent Headquarters in Beijing. This visit, he explained, provided a captivating experience, as it offered valuable insights into the extensive array of technologies utilized in Tencent’s products. These technologies encompassed various aspects, ranging from the convenience of WeChat payments to the innovative domain of autonomous driving.

“During the fifth day, I had the privilege of touring the Tencent Headquarters in Beijing. It was fascinating to learn about the various technologies used in Tencent’s products, from daily WeChat payments to autonomous driving.

“On the last day of the tour, I attended the 2023 Future Close-Up Forum.

“The forum highlighted the importance of youth engagement in the digital economy and the opportunities that come with it.

“I participated in various discussions and panels, including the appointment of the 5 Future Close-Up overseas hub directors. I am honoured to have been chosen to manage the African hub in my home country.

“I am inspired by this experience and am committed to using the insights gained from the Future Close-Up tour to introduce more South African youth to the digitalization process.”

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