It was the calm yet shimmering white appearance that got me going. It evoked the primal lust, the sheer needs of man and machine in heat, quickly finding ways to express their sacred hunger to each other in animal passion.

This calm vixen called the Golf 8 GTI MK8 seduced me with her pure beauty, the unspoken sweet words she whispered to my car ear.

She caressed my ego so meticulously that I lowered my guard. She made me trust her and remade me as a lusus naturae, turning me into her companion in the process.

They say becoming an expert in the art of seduction bequeaths one great power, and like any power, it is to be wielded with conscientiousness.

The Golf 8 and those who drive it, unintentionally wield the art of seduction without a sense of conscientiousness and self-control. This unfortunately, has made the combo a speeding bomb of viral epidemic, needless reproduction, heartbroken families, and crushed dreams.

Little wonder then that the car also carries the reputation of turning bald and grey-haired old men into skittish young colts when it comes to road manners.

When I finally got to see this beauty, it sent my senses into orbits of ecstasy. It was for me, the abundant demonstrative phase of discovery, the moment when visual wonder is about to receive the articulate touch of my sweaty hands.

I stepped back a bit to admire the bodywork. I got nearer and the lines of union received my soft touch. I opened the door and felt the seats, caressed the doors and fondled the headrests before the comfy steering wheel. For a fleeting moment, I pretended to drive with my whole body.

I must confess, my million-tonne fondness could not help me find the right adjectives to describe her beauty. It is beauty that can never be dismissed, except by those who have blind souls. She looks so innocent and comes bearing a big grin and the same distinctive red lipstick. She now also bears seductive oriental eyes and matrix like bumper LED lights.

Thanks to the revised bumper and a large air vent. No wonder this vixen looks so innocent. The interior gives you a sense you are scanning that huge Touareg-like digitalised cockpit.

The gear lever might be mistaken for that of an electric car and the flickering start stop button, that flickers until the engine starts. If you love a good sound system like I do, you are treated to a premium Harmon Kardon with a 12-channel amplifier. There is also a 10.25-inch infotainment.

The model I had, came with ventilated 2 tone leather bucket seats that can shame the latest Boeing 777X business class.

There is still a bit of that sibling resemblance though. The cold start sounds divine, thanks to some tweaks on the same golf 7 engine but now producing 180kw and 370Nm.

Although the new model churns 180kw of power it still pulls like a normal golf 7 GTI.

Although I never got to spend as much time as I had wished with the car, I must admit, the cornering feels sharper…it feels like g-force on corners.

The waiting list is from here to Timbuktu, thanks to chip shortages and if you order one today, you probably might get it in the second quarter of 2022.

South Africa is considered the largest GTI market outside Europe.  The Golf 8 comes standard with 22-inch wheels. It also comes with a standard with three-year 120,000 kilometres easy drive motor plan.

The closest competition is the BMW 128ti and Renault Megan RS with more power, but let’s face, they do not have the same street cred and cool effect of a VW GTI!

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