Certain individuals, like John Steenhuisen, should be required to consume a substance that enhances their mental clarity before embarking on the crucial task of articulating their thoughts in writing. Without this assistance, their words may become muddled and devoid of meaning.

By Themba Khumalo

Julius Malema and members of the EFF unleashed a fiery chant of Kill the Boer at their massive and jaw-dropping birthday bash on Saturday 29 July, leaving DA leader John Steenhuisen trembling in his trousers.

After witnessing this pants-soiling spectacle, Steenhuisen now envisions a haunting tableau of South Africans recoiling from one another, gripped by a paralysing fear of their brethren, all thanks to that “spine-chilling” chant.

“As the world watches Julius Malema unstitch the very fabric of South African society, and undo the South African dream with absolute impunity, South Africans now cower away from each other, fearful of their fellow man,” wrote Steenhuisen in an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Steenhuisen believes that Ramaphosa is turning a blind eye to those audacious enough to disrespect the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the immense sacrifices he and countless others made to shape the South Africa we yearn to proudly claim as our own.

This absolute buffoon of a politician, who seems to have misplaced his sanity, expects us to buy into the notion that the famous and/or infamous Kill the Boer chant will magically plunge our nation into deeper poverty and inequality as if the entire world will suddenly turn its backs on us. This imbecile actually believes that this chant has tarnished our once-respected reputation for unity and tranquillity. Can you believe the audacity?

In Malema’s fiery oratory and impassioned rallying cries, where exactly did he summon the spectre of white genocide or advocate for the scourge of ethnic cleansing, as Steenhuisen and that politically befuddled billionaire Elon Musk so boldly assert?

Can these two dimwits and their equally clueless and out-of-touch followers kindly grace us with the visual or auditory gem that has elevated Malema to the status of a menace to our fractured and scarred nation’s harmony?

I have been on a wild goose chase for the past few days, desperately trying to uncover any concrete connection between Malema’s words and farm murders. But alas, my efforts have been in vain.

It seems like some folks out there have let their imaginations run wild, concocting a fantastical theory and passing it off as an irrefutable truth fortified by a concoction of quasi-legal jargon and mystical scientific wizardry.

Oh, the lengths people will go to validate their own beliefs!

The DA’s tactics are nothing but a fear-fuelled frenzy, exploiting the anxieties of white folks to deepen the divide between races. They are shamelessly promoting some twisted theory from a questionable expert, claiming that farm murders are uniquely gruesome to prove racial motives. It is either the DA’s supporters are living in a bubble or they conveniently ignore the rampant violence that plagues all communities – especially black communities.

Steenhuisen and his band of nincompoops ought to divert their attention towards promoting their party’s policies, rather than stoking the flames of racial animosity between their members and the EFF. The people crave tangible services, not the significance or insignificance of a chant.

What truly gives me pause, my fellow compatriots, is not the fiery rhetoric of Malema and his chants, but rather the insidious spectre of joblessness, poverty and inequality that looms over our beloved nation.

It is a bitter pill to swallow that even after nearly three decades since the demise of apartheid, Black people continue to languish at the lower rungs of the wealth and land ownership ladder, while White counterparts bask in ever-increasing opulence. This stark disparity, my friends, is the kindling that may one day ignite the flames of unrest and discontent, threatening to engulf our great land.

We find ourselves in the depths of inequality, a nation divided by vast disparities that show no signs of relenting. This unsettling reality should stir unease within the hearts of all who call this land home, for it is a love for this country that should drive us to seek change.

It should also trouble those who cling to outdated ideologies, like the DA and other remnants of the right wing, who are quick to cry for international intervention. And let us not forget Elon Musk, who, in a moment of misguided fervour, tweeted about a fictitious white genocide in a land he no longer considers his own. But amidst this chaos, it is not Julius Malema who bears the weight of responsibility.

The juvenile antics and hissy fits of Steenhuisen and his cronies make my stomach churn with revulsion.

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