By Edward Tsumele

Jazz guitar maestro Selaelo Selota is not only innovative in producing great sounds that have over the years impressed many listeners.
He is also active in organising his own gigs, something every musician should emulate, especially because the global pandemic has disrupted several industries, including the music promotion sector.
A lot of music promoters have been affected by Covid-19, which has also seen sponsorship for gigs dry up. It is in this context that what Selaelo and other innovative musicians are doing, which is to organise their own gigs, should be applauded.
One such artist, who is also known for organising his own gigs, is Mandla Mlangeni.
Meanwhile, all roads lead to Ditsong: Pioneer Museum in Silverton on 10 September where Selaelo will be hosting his inaugural One Country Concert.
For this event, which promises to be the talk of the town, he will feature singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalists and music producer, Howie Combrink, and award winning Afro-Soul musician and songwriter, Ami Faku.
One Country Concert is a concept based on the song One Country that became the bedrock of the theme for Selaelo’s latest album, 8 Colours of The Rainbow.
“I was prompted to write a song that addresses the need for South Africans to unite as a nation, regardless of their background, race, status and political affiliation. I also looked into the social cohesion that is lacking within the music and entertainment industry and immediately came up with this concept where I can feature artists who speak to my vision of a united country,” Selaelo said.
“Ami Faku and Howie Combrink were my first choices because of their talent, artistry and the fire they bring on stage. This inaugural concert is the beginning of a line-up that I plan to take on a national tour.”
Howie is no stranger to the South African music scene. He is known to his fans and music lovers for his up-tempo folk-pop tunes.
During his time as a band member and as a solo artist, he has shared the stage with acts such as Roxette, James, Prime Circle, The Parlotones, Jeremy Loops, Fokofpolisiekar, The Kiffness, Goodluck and Majozi, among others.
“I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to share the stage with the legendary Selaelo. People can expect to reconnect with the vision and dream that brought us together when we ushered in our democracy,” said Howie.
Award-winning Ami Faku rose to fame as a contestant in The Voice SA in 2017 and gained recognition in the music industry. Since her big break into the music industry she has featured in a number of Mzansi hits. She is currently one of the female artists everyone wants to collaborate with. She was featured on President Obama’s favourite music list for her single, Uwrongo, and also made it onto Time Magazine’s coveted “10 Best Songs of 2020” list for the same single.
“When I received that call from Selaelo, I was so excited and there is no way I was gonna say no to such an opportunity,” Ami said.
“As a young musician, I have always looked up to him and to be featured in his inaugural One Country Concert is a dream come true.”
The concert is bound to attract many music lovers to witness what promises to be a magical afternoon of performances by these three formidable musicians.
Each a crowd puller in their own right, having the three of them on the same stage, is clearly a winning formula and combination. –

Tickets are available at Ticketpro.

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