The City of Tshwane seeks a meeting with Senzo Mchunu to address the pressing water issues it is currently facing, as well as to discuss the lack of timely updates from Rand Water in response to these challenges.

By Staff Reporter

Tshwane, the country’s capital city, is currently grappling with significant water-related issues.

The situation has compelled the City to seek an urgent meeting with Senzo Mchunu, the Minister of Water and Sanitation, to address the persistent challenges encountered by Rand Water in supplying water.

The city wants to address the urgent issue and find possible solutions to guarantee a dependable water supply for its residents. Rand Water is currently struggling to restore its systems after experiencing a series of power outages.

Themba Fosi, the City of Tshwane Services MMC, has expressed concerns over the lack of communication from Rand Water regarding the ongoing water supply issues. Despite engaging with the water utility, Fosi claims that they have not received any updates on the matter.

At the start of the week, the City of Tshwane made a call to residents to reduce their water consumption. The City expressed concern over surpassing water consumption targets by 15%.

On Tuesday, Selby Bokaba, the spokesperson for the City, told SABC News that certain areas are still experiencing low to no water supply from Rand Water.

“The City of Tshwane has been experiencing challenges of inconsistent water supply following several power failures and trips experienced during June at Rand Water’s Vereeniging and Zuikerbosch Water Treatment Plants, as well as at the Palmiet, Eikenhof and Mapleton Booster Pumping Stations. The utility’s system remains impacted and is struggling to recover,” said Bokaba.

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