By Dumi Xaba

The cage has been opened and the beasts have been unleashed.
The shrewd and daring creators from Wolfsburg are determined to reign on our roads by letting loose of their wildest-ever beasts. The news of the unveiling of the enraged beasts has raised the level of excitement among VW enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the competition is trembling with trepidation.
The air is thick with anxiety in the competition camps of Munich and Stuttgart as the ferocious road monsters are about to chew up the pretenders on our shores. After what felt like a lifetime of eagerly waiting to embrace the no-nonsense brutes, VW has opened the cage.

The two brutes
The VW Golf R has been refined over two decades, leading up to a sharp and swift form. As is the tradition, you will find every angle refined and cutting-edge, delivering a visual feast that balances restraint and athleticism. The Tiguan R with its terrain-shredding power is proof of what it means to keep reinventing oneself. The progressive design is a clear illustration. From the potent proportions to the full-of-life front with its meticulous lines to the distinct shoulders, the indicative silhouette further accentuates its strengths: ingenious power, sovereignty and hardnosed functionality.

Golf R
The Golf R has always been an exciting product, from the first rendering in the form of R32 (MK IV) in 2002. What we know about the eight generations is that it rides on the same Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB) platform as the likes of Audi A3, Audi Q2, Audi TT and VW Arteon. It uses the same EA888 2.0 TSI engine as the previous MK7 R. However, it has been reworked to produce 15KW more than the previous generation. The current maximum power output is 235. The previous Golf 7 R was at 221. MK 7 Golf length was 4,255mm. The current golf 8 length is 4,396. This makes it 141 mm longer than the previous generation. The previous golf 7 R was 1,763mm tall. The youngest version is 2,011mm tall. That translates to 248mm taller than Mk7.

The Golf 8 R is a bit slimmer than the Mk7, maybe because it is meant to be a mean-spirited athlete. The Golf R is an all-occasions car. You can enjoy it as a Sunday ride, as a track car and also as a refined cruiser to go on holidays. It is the only vehicle that appeals to all age groups with a bit of reluctance out of moral obligations from the above 50s. It is hearting though that the blokes from Wolfsburg have decided to bring a Tiguan R which pound for pound holds its own against the Golf 8 R. The reworked Tsi, with a governed top speed of 270km/h will take you from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.6 seconds. Take care though not become a guest in a police cell. This is the same class as the BMW 240i, Bentley Continental W12, Dodge Viper GTS, Ford Mustang FR 500, Range Rover Sport SVR 5.0 V8, Lexus GS F5.0 V8, Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes C 63 2006. This is generally a hypervelocity league which is ruled by V8s.
The contender is a mere 2.0 TSI engine. Very fuel efficient. The price has not been communicated yet, but I guess it could be a few hundred bucks shy of R1 million.

Tiguan R
The first Tiguan was launched around 2008 riding on the brilliant PQ 46 platform. It was a hit from the onset and a trendsetter. Just as we thought it couldn’t be better, the next generation was launched in 2016. With engines ranging from 1.4 TSI to a range-topping 2.0L TSI which is pound-for-pound a Golf GTI riding on an MQB A2 platform.

As the trend is shifting from sedans to SUVs, VW left nothing to chance in the looks and comfort department. This is a highly contested market with the likes of Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX5, Kia Sportage, Opel Crosland X, Toyota RAv4, Peugeot 3008 and many more. It was facelifted around 2018, which left many owners of the Highline spec with a lot of heartaches as their entire front was ripped out by thieves who were after the popular face-lifted bumper and lights. Within a short space of time, just like its Polo cousin, it ruled the market and became the king of SUVs. Some vehicles appeal to male customers more than females. However, the Tiguan, just like Polo and Golf, appeals to all sexes. Some moneyed households went as far as buying all three since they can’t choose which is their favourite.
The Tiguan R is powered by the same engine that powers the golf R producing equal power of 235Kw and 400Nm Torque. It is a 4-motion all-wheel drive with an R performance Torque vectoring system. This translates to better handling and hot hatch-like characteristics around corners.
This monster can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.1seconds. This is insane taking into consideration that this is a family mover. This one appeals to both the youth and over 50s.
It features the same 7-speed direct shift gearbox as its younger brother Golf. You get treated to all niceties like 20-inch Misano wheels high gloss rear diffuser, and a panoramic sunroof. It also boasts an automatic dimming rear mirror that will keep those bright lights at bay. They have thrown in Nappa leather seats with the R logo.

There is also an integrated navigation, and Harman Kardon sound system that will shame some clubs: rear-view camera park assist, park distance control, IQ drive and a ton more features. It is also equipped with an autonomous emergency braking system, just in case the driver decides to apply makeup while driving. This baby retails for around R999 000. To sweeten the deal, there is the famous VW 3-year/120000kms warranty and 5 years of hustle-free servicing. The beasts are in town, step aside!

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