Disturbingly, with each passing day, government presents glaring indications that it is chasing its own shadow. It is horrifyingly paranoid.

Sanity can never be reconciled with events that led to the arrest of some 50 military veterans for allegedly taking Minister in the Presidency, Mondli Gungubele, Defence Minister, Thandi Modise, and her deputy, Thabang Makwetla, hostage.

The chain of events that led to that fateful hour calls for a moment of rigorously candid enlightenment.

Our nation must be assisted to understand why liberation freedom fighters are treated worse than paupers while their counterparts, apartheid murderers and those who defended that system live in comfort, enjoying lavish pensions at our expense.

Something is amiss – even for an uneducated mind. The mere fact that 27 years into democracy freedom fighters are still bickering for what is due to them means they got the short end of the stick.

We need to shed light on our country’s negotiated settlement. Hopefully, the urgency that led to so many sacrificial compromises could be explained.

We hold our breath that it is not a product of overzealous politicians’ desire to lay their hands on the levers of power. More valuably, it must say something about the crisis government bequeathed to our nation by those processes. It is unbearably bewildering that we have a government so keen to hurt anyone, even citizens, to crush imaginary adversaries.

Like the arrest of former guerrillas, we have witnessed far too many events under this government that scorn democratic governance. You will be forgiven for thinking that our government’s behaviour was designed by apartheids’ Special Branch.

Typical of that regime, our government is dispensing treason and terrorism charges like elections manifesto leaflets. No decent mind can fathom how a democratic government, elected by an overwhelming majority, could be so mortified of its own citizens. Without a moment’s hesitation, state security agencies are spun into action for the haziest murmur of discontent.

Fresh from unprecedented predatory over-reach during the so-called ‘Zuma’ mall’s looting, we must admit, even by our government’s standards, that we didn’t see this one coming.

Memories are fresh as we are still coming to terms with its sadistic setting of police and the army on residents that left hundreds dead. Never mind the alleged Don Quixote-style insurrection led by an unemployed former disc jockey and a caterer.

Like a mindless drunk at the mercy of a dizzying hang- over, government unleashed an elite police tactical response team on citizens, whose sole crime was to disagree with some Cabinet members with an inflated sense of importance. Worse still, they could face terrorism charges.

How ironic, we would have thought those ministers were in government largely, thanks to the sacrifices of starving heroes it now treats like enemies of the state.

The people are taking note. As the governing party took to the campaign trail, they gave more than a hint.

No lesser mortal than the head of state and leader of the majority party has been sent packing in Soweto, his home town of all places!

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